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The most expensive parking space in the world sold in Hong Kong

For the right to use parking for one car in one of the most prestigious areas of Hong Kong, paid 760 thousand dollars

In Hong Kong, the world record of the cost of one parking space was broken. The 4.9 m long section and 2.4 m wide, estimated at 2.6 million Hong Kong dollars (330 thousand US dollars), was eventually sold for 6 million dollars (760 thousand US dollars). It is reported by South China Morning Post.

The most expensive parking place in the world is in the prestigious part of Hong Kong called Tszlun near the luxury residential complex Ultima. “The local residents have a lot of money, so this amount does not matter for them, given that the average cost of an apartment here is about 12.7 million US dollars,” noted Hong Kong realtor Sandia Lau.

Thus, the previous world record of the cost of parking space, which was also in Hong Kong earlier, was beaten. In May 2017 for the right to use the parking lot with a total area of ​​17.5 square meters paid 5.18 million Hong Kong dollars (664.3 thousand US dollars).

The buyer of the most expensive parking place was the businessman Kwang Wai Ming, executive director of Huarong Investment Stock Corporation. Over the past three years, a 58-year-old businessman bought two apartments and three parking spaces in Hong Kong, for which he paid in total 88.5 million Hong Kong dollars (11.3 million US dollars).

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