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The interior of the hypercar Hennessey Venom F5 unveiled by the manufacturer

A 1600-strong car received a salon entirely covered with carbon fiber panels. Together with them abundantly used Alcantara – a favorite material of the riders.

Today, November 20, the American company Hennessey published on the Internet several images of the interior of its previously presented in Las Vegas hypercar Venom F5. The photos were information that optional second racing wheel would be offered.

Remid that at the exhibition of tuning SEMA 2017 was shown potentially the fastest hypermarket Hennessey Venom F5 with tinted windows and closed doors. And now the interior was opened by the manufacturer.

In general, the interior looks ascetic, although it has two displays. The first of these is the digital instrument panel, and the second belongs to the hypercar information system.

Both versions of the steering wheel were beveled from below and from above, as is typical of most modern racing cars. On the steering wheel there are not only control buttons for turn signals, head optics, sound signal, but also a compact gearshift lever. Also at the top of the rudder is a horizontal LED strip, warning of the need to switch to higher gear when the maximum engine speed is reached. In the second variant, the dashboard display will be located directly on the handlebars.

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