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The British found an abandoned container with parts for assembling the Ferrari 250 GTO

In a cargo container in the south of the UK, parts have been found, from which it is possible to assemble a classic Ferrari 250 GTO sports car. They belonged to a well-known collector of Italian brand cars, who died several years ago. Now, as Аuto Сlassics writes, the details will be put up for auction at the auction house Coys.

In the container was found a steel frame Ferrari 250 GTO model 1962, a twelve-cylinder Tipo 128S engine, which was installed on the modification of the 250 GT LWB / GTE, body panels for the model, tires with discs, suspension parts, brakes and cooling systems, as well as dashboard parts and interior.

In addition, in other containers were found parts for other classic sports cars Ferrari, as well as Maserati and Abarth. Many of the details remained in the original wooden boxes of the 1960s, wrapped in oiled paper.

Bidding will be held June 29-30 in the Blenheim Palace, located in Oxfordshire.

In early June, Ferrari 250 GTO 1963, at the auction set a record – a car bought for $ 70 million.

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