Saturday, September 22Wellcome!

The attempt to steal BMW failed. The owner was a policeman!

Although the cop was out of the service on that day, he kept the gun to himself.

The incident occurred in Chicago at about 8:30 am. A plainclothes policeman boarded his black BMW X6 and intended to go to the hairdresser when two men in sports suits came to the car. One opened the front passenger door, and the second tore the driver’s door. The officer did not lose his head, quickly jumped out of the car, took out his weapons and started shooting at the raiders. The shooting started. Since the bandits did not expect resistance, they quickly retreated. During the shootout, no one was hurt. The attackers managed to escape, now the police are tracking them, the benefit of the video attack is, although due to the hoods to consider their faces difficult.

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