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The American motorcycle racer jumped 52 cars, 16 buses and a fountain

Travis Pastrana, one of the most titled participants in the motor-freestyle competition, broke three records of the American stuntman Ivel Kninel. At a special event in Las Vegas, he jumped on a motorcycle through 52 cars, 16 buses and a fountain near the hotel “Caesar Palace.”

The first jump, and the shortest of all – is a jump through 52 cars. Its length was 43.59 meters. In 1973, Kniver jumped on a motorcycle through 50 cars, flying 36.58 meters in the air.

The second – a jump through 16 buses in height of 3,5 meters everyone. The length of the jump is 58.52 meters. Ivel Kniver did the same in 1975: he jumped 14 buses, the total length of which was 40.54 meters.

Last and final jump Pastrana performed near the hotel “Caesar Palace”: the racer jumped the fountain height of 4.6 meters, flying through the air 45.23 meters. The length of the jump Kniver in 1967 was 42.98 meters.

Last summer, Pastrana, driving a 600-horsepower Subaru WRX STI, set a new record for the oldest US race to climb the hill: the rider reached the top of Mount Washington, the largest in the northeast, in 44 minutes, 44.72 seconds.

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