Saturday, September 22Wellcome!

Stranger decided to cheer up the bored in the traffic jam David Beckham of bare chest!

Famous British football player was sad in connection with the loss of his country’s national team at the 2018 World Cup in a match against Croatia. Not indifferent and very nice fan decided to console him.

The incident occurred on July 11 in Miami (USA, Florida), where Beckham arrived on a business visit. The football player was dressed in a strict suit, but the motorists standing with him in one traffic jam recognized the celebrity. Among them was a pretty Latin American. She saw that Beckham was sad, and decided to cheer him up: leaned out of the window of the crossover in which she was traveling, and bared her breast.

As a 43-year-old married Englishman, the father of four children, reacted to this gesture, it is not known, but subsequently at a meeting at the Chamber of Commerce of Mimi Beach he looked relaxed and cheerful – so it worked!

Courageous girl, of course, immediately began to shoot on mobile phones neighbors in the stream – they are such a view in the traffic jam definitely liked it. Users of social networks, where the pictures were taken, supported the girl by thousands of likes.

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