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Smart glass Ford will help the blind to “see” the landscape outside the car window

Company Ford has developed a prototype of smart glass, which will allow blind passengers to “view” the landscape outside the car window. To do this, the developers of the Italian division of the brand and start-up Aedo offer to use vibration, with a different intensity, “translating” the picture.

The technology called Feel The View takes a snapshot of the objects and translates the image into a black and white image. In this case, each shade of gray color corresponds to its pattern of vibration of the glass. In total, there are 255. According to representatives of Ford, for the blind, Feel The View will help “turn the trip into an unforgettable adventure.”

Earlier, Ford introduced a saloon carousel, which it plans to use in drones. According to the manufacturer’s idea, in the center of the passenger compartment there will be a table around which folding chairs are installed. In this case, the floor, thanks to electric motors, can rotate relative to the base of the machine.

Prior to this, the American manufacturer introduced a sliding table equipped with a safety cushion.

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