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Showed a new race car of the Formula-1 Red Bull. And he’s black and blue

new race car Formula-1 Red Bull

Team Red Bull introduced the car for the new season of Formula 1 – RB14. The car is painted in black and blue camouflage colors, but this is not the final version of the coloring. The final design will be shown in Spain before the start of the winter tests.

The car has a system to protect the head of the pilot – Halo, installed above the cockpit. At the same time RB14 now does not have a “shark fin” behind and T-wings.

The first to drive the new car is Daniel Riccardo. He will drive the car during the filming days at Silverstone, which will take place before the tests begin. The teams are entitled to two such days per year, however during this time their cars should not travel more than a hundred kilometers.

Last week, his car showed the team Williams, which will act Russian Sergei Sirotkin. Prior to this, the car for the 2018 season was demonstrated by the Haas team.

new race car Formula-1 Red Bull

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