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Seat Leon Cristobal Concept equipped with an alcohol tester

Seat Leon Cristobal

The Spanish brand Seat brought to the Smart City Expo the concept of the Leon Cristobal, which received a number of passive safety systems that would obviously not be appreciated by fans of alcoholic beverages.

The main feature of the concept car is an alcohol tester, which must be used by the driver before the movement. Without it, on-board electronics will not start the power plant, however, the engine will also be silent even if the driver is already “sick”. For tricky drivers who decide to deceive the system, there are cameras that will ensure that the passenger does not blow the alto-tetector.

Also in the salon there is a personal assistant to Drive-Coach, which will assess the driver’s skills and give him personal recommendations. If at the moment of movement the driver will lower his eyes, on-board electronics will immediately turn on synchronization with the smartphone, and will offer to send a message through the built-in car interface. It will save the hatchback of the driver and from hunger: if the system determines that it is too distracted by the sides, then the on-board computer after the question of whether the driver is hungry, can start the navigation and find the nearest cafe.

The on-board electronics concept car also incorporates a system of parental control: the owner of the car can assign profiles that will restrict the speed of the car, and even block its movement on unwanted roads.

There is also a special tracking mode that activates all 15 car security systems, after which the owner of the smartphone will receive various information about his current traffic parameters.

Seat Leon Cristobal

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