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Production of Ford Ranger Raptor begins with this video

The serial production of the updated Ford Ranger pick-up truck in the Raptor modification is set at the Ford plant in Thailand. Apparently in this country and start the first sales of new items, because judging by the published video, the assembled car received the right steering position.

At the end of June this year, foreign journalists published a series of spy photos of the updated pickup Ford Ranger Raptor. It is noteworthy that the seen test prototype of the American car received the right steering position. This could mean only one thing: an extreme version of a compact pick-up truck should enter the automotive market in the very near future.

But why the novelty got the steering wheel from the right side? Because the serial production of the pickup truck is established at the Ford brand plant in Thailand, and in this country the left-hand traffic is practiced. According to official data, the American novelty will be available for many automotive markets, but the first of these will be Thai.

In the video, which was published by the press service of the official representative office of Ford in Thailand, it is said about the beginning of the serial production of the American compact pickup. It is noteworthy that the whole process of assembling a new car – from the “rinsing” of the body of the model in a special solution and finishing the application of paint on it is captured.

Perhaps, one of the most important fragments of the video begins with a timestamp of 1:33. It is there that it is shown that the car received the right steering position. It is known that the first, the American novelty will be motorists from Thailand and Australia, and only then the car will reach other countries. So far there is no official data on whether Ford Ranger Raptor will be sold in our country or not.

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