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Problems with the release of Tesla Model 3: the right equipment in Germany

tesla model 3

Tesla can not reach the planned production volume of the Model 3 electric car due to equipment that has not yet been delivered from Germany. This is with reference to the head of the American automaker Ilona Mask informs Automotive News.

This is a line that is necessary for the production of batteries. In order to reach the declared volume of electric car Model 3 production, Tesla needs to assemble this equipment at its enterprise in the American Reno.

“The line must be dismantled, transported to a gigafabric and assembled there. We do not have a question about whether it works or not. The issue in the disassembly, transportation and installation in a new location, “- said Mask.

At the moment, Tesla cars plans to produce 2500 copies of Model 3 every week, starting from the end of March.

Problems with the production of Tesla Model 3 arose almost immediately. In the third quarter of 2017 the company issued only 260 copies instead of the planned one and a half thousand. The reason for this was the difficulty with the configuration of nodal systems in enterprises in California and Nevada.

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