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Porsche showed the silhouette of its first production electric car

Production of the first in the history of the German brand of the serial sports car, which will be called Taycan, will begin in 2020

The company Porsche has published a video clip of its first serial electric car, which will be launched in 2020. The video was posted on the official YouTube channel of the German brand.

Previously, the company chose the name for the new “green” car, which will be called Taycan. The name of the car can be translated as “full of life young horse”.

The harbinger of the commodity model, called Mission E, was shown in 2016 at the Paris Motor Show. The prototype was completed with two electric motors mounted on the front and rear axles. In total, the units develop more than 600 horsepower, so the electric car accelerates from place to 100 km / h in 3.5 seconds.

The maximum mileage without recharging the batteries was about 500 kilometers (according to the European cycle NEDC). The stock of batteries can be replenished by 80% in about half an hour using a quick recharging system.

According to preliminary data, the prices for Porsche Taycan will start from about 90 thousand euros, which is comparable to the cost of the basic version of the Panamera model.

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