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Porsche revealed super powerful 911 GT3 RS at Geneva

Company Porsche has presented the updated supercar 911 GT3 RS. As told to the correspondent of, the quota for our country is only 16 cars. Those wishing to purchase a sports car will have to pay 13.1 million rubles.

The machine is equipped with a modernized 4.0-liter atmosphere. The power of the unit is 520 horsepower. The engine is paired with a specially tuned seven-stage “robot” with two clutches. Thus, the novelty became the most powerful model with an atmospheric motor in the line of the German brand.

Up to 100 km / h 911 GT3 RS can be accelerated in 3.2 seconds. The maximum speed is 312 km per hour.

To reduce the weight of the supercar in the design of the car widely used carbon. This material is made of doors, hood, wing and sports seats. Also for the car is a special optional package Weissach, which further reduces the weight of the car. In addition, the driver is offered a set of Clubsport. It includes six-point seat belts, a fire extinguisher and an aluminum safety cage.

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