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Porsche Cayenne became part of the interior of the house in The Hague

porsche cayenne

A resident of The Hague has put up for sale a four-story townhouse in the living room of which you can park the Porsche Cayenne – the thing is that the owner uses part of the garage as a rest room. The premises with a total area of ​​277 square meters are estimated at 1.6 million euros.

The former garage, intended for the storage of four cars, is converted into a room with a dining table and a reading area. The room has a dressing room, a bathroom, a storage room for things and tools, as well as a direct access to the garden in the backyard of the house.

The publication notes that similar design concepts, when the car becomes part of the interior of the apartment, are encountered more often. For example, in one of the houses in the center of Amsterdam almost in the kitchen is parked a Porsche Boxster.

However, someone goes the other way. So, the 46-year-old Andreas Kummel, the owner of the classic 911 in the Speedster version, built a special room with transparent walls for a rarity sport car. It is less like an ordinary garage, but more in a separate room.

porsche cayenne

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