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Porsche can expand the range of electric cars Mission E

Less than two weeks ago, Porsche held a public premiere of a new concept car – Mission E Cross Turismo. The electric crossover, which looks more like an all-terrain sports car, continued to form the future line of new electric cars of the Stuttgart brand, the first-born of the Mission E sedan, presented a few years ago. These two concept cars, the Germans are not going to be limited.

According to the portal Caranddriver, Porsche is not going to expand the line of Mission E with one or two conceptual crossovers. This decision, according to Stefan Vekbakh, the head of the Porsche electric car division, is due to the fact that the J1 platform, on the basis of which Mission E and Mission E Cross Turismo are based, is not designed for cars with a high floor, but it is perfect for making a coupe or convertible .

Both Mission E and Mission E Cross Turismo are equipped with an all-wheel drive power plant that takes roots from the prototype 919 Hybrid from the Le Mans racing series. The total capacity of the serial models will be 402-670 horsepower, and the different power plants will be the rear electric motors. Nevertheless, Stefan Wekbach informed our colleagues that the rear-wheel drive versions of Mission E are also being discussed, and they will be controlled more sharply than the all-wheel drive versions due to the lower weight.

Also, the head of the electric car division of Porsche revealed the secret of how much the Mission-E all-wheel drive will weigh. According to him, their mass will be the same, or even slightly more than that of the Panamera. The second generation of the luxury model has an equipped mass in the region of 1,800-2,300 kilograms (depending on the filling and power plant), which means that the light-weight serial versions of Mission E will not. However, the competitor in the face of the Tesla Model S P100D weighs more than 2,200 kilograms, but this does not prevent him in sprint races to keep almost all the serial cars.

It is noteworthy that the J1 platform, on the basis of which Porsche plans to build the Mission E, will be postponed to the “long box” in a few years.

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