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Porsche accelerates the development of its first electric sports car

Electric vehicle market is no longer limited to the company Tesla Motors. Many companies are developing this direction, including European brands like BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Aston Martin, Jaguar and Maserati. Some even want to transfer a quarter of its range of cars to electric motors.

According to the source, the German automaker, intends to create over 1,400 new jobs in order to speed up the development of the first in your lineup all-electric sports car, which is destined to compete with Tesla Motors and other companies.

Approximately 900 new jobs associated with the production, 300 more with the design, and the remaining 200 – administrative staff for the project codenamed J1. This was told by the director Andreas Heffner management company personnel. In addition, Porsche is looking for 100 IT-experts, 50 experts in the digital technologies and more trainees to compete more effectively with technology companies like Google and Apple’s, offering a lot of development for the car with the possibility of internet connection.

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