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Police in the US took the sound of the Acura exhaust for the shots

In the United States, the owner of the Acura Integra DC5 compressor, Enrique Mendoza, drew the attention of policemen when he tested the launcher control on his car. About ten cops arrived with a gun to his garage, taking the sounds of exhaust for gunshots. The video with the incident was published on YouTube channel Street FX Motorsport TV.

At first the police did not believe Mendoza and said that he could not help but hear the shots just a few minutes ago. After he said that none of those present have weapons, the policeman called him a liar.

Later, Mendoza explained that probably the sound was produced by his Acura, and “shots” were actually lumbago of the exhaust system. After the demolition, realizing their mistake, the police apologized and said that the sound is very cool.

In the summer of last year, Detroit police detained musicians during the filming of the video. They took a scene from him for attempting an armed attack and stealing a car. Having dealt with the situation, cops still detained three people for not notifying anyone and receiving permission to conduct the filming.

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