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Place in the queue at McLaren Senna rated more expensive than all models of the brand

The place in the queue for the purchase of McLaren Senna hypermark was priced at more than almost any other serial model of the brand – at 240,000 pounds sterling. For comparison, the top-ranked civil car in the McLaren line-720S – will cost 21,980 pounds sterling cheaper. As reported by Motor1 announcement was posted on the site of Classic Motors For Sale, but at the time of writing the news it was already deleted.

In total, the British manufacturer plans to produce 500 copies of the Senna. All cars are already sold on preliminary orders, while the minimum cost of the model is 750 thousand pounds sterling.

The assembly of each copy of McLaren Senna takes about 300 hours. Hypercar is equipped with a 4.0-liter twin-turbo eight with a capacity of 800 horsepower and a seven-stage robotic gearbox with two clutches.

From the place to 100 km/h McLaren Senna accelerates in 2.8 seconds. Two hundred kilometers per hour the coupe reaches in 6.8 seconds. Dragging distance in a quarter of a mile (402 meters) hypercar passes in 9.9 seconds. The maximum speed of the model is 340 kilometers per hour.

Coupe McLaren Senna is equipped with active hydraulic suspension, active aerodynamics, an exhaust system of Inconel and titanium, carbon-ceramic brakes and tires specially designed for the car Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R.

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