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Peruvian driver accidentally damaged famous Nazi geoglyphs

Peruvian driver Heiner Jesus Flores Vigo damaged the famous geoglyphs on the Nazca plateau, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. According to the Minister of Culture of Peru, Vigo ignored the ban and went to the territory closed for traffic. This is reported by CNN.

The 40-year-old driver was arrested, but later released. The judge considered that in the actions of Vigo there was no malice. However, he damaged three geoglyphs and left traces of tires on a plateau section measuring 50 by 100 meters. In response, the Ministry of Culture promised to strengthen security measures.
Lines and geoglyphs Naski are considered “the greatest mystery of archeology.” Their age is estimated at two thousand years. To date, we know of 30 drawings, 13 thousand lines and 700 geometric figures. The length of some drawings, for example, a spider, is several tens of meters, the length of the lines is up to eight kilometers.

Until now, it remains a mystery how geoglyphs were created. After all, even modern geodetic methods do not allow us to conduct perfectly smooth lines a few kilometers long.

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