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Nissan and Dongfeng released a large crossover in the style of the Range Rover

A joint brand of Nissan and Dongfeng companies called Venucia introduced the prototype X at the Beijing Motor Show and the upgraded production T90 crossover

The car brand Venucia, established by the joint venture Dongfeng Nissan, presented a concept car called the X at the Beijing Motor Show. In some ways, the prototype of a large crossover resembles a Range Rover.

The distinctive features of the novelty design were large wheels and narrow LED optics. Data and power plant crossover yet, as well as information about the possibility of launching in a series of a similar car.

In addition, the brand Venucia showed on the motor show in Beijing an updated version of the coupe-like crossover T90. From its predecessor, it is distinguished by interior decoration, as well as another multimedia system with an enlarged screen. The information and entertainment complex has the ability to connect a smartphone, Wi-Fi access point, voice control function and navigator.

Finally, the Venucia T90 received a new gasoline turbocharged engine, details of which are still kept secret. Previously, the model was offered only with a two-liter atmospheric engine, working in conjunction with a variator.

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