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Mercedes-Benz branded gifts for Christmas: nail polish and collars

Mercedes-Benz has posted on the site a selection of themed gifts for Christmas

The company Mercedes-Benz has published on its website a selection of themed gifts for Christmas. They were divided into four categories: men, women, children and gifts for true fans of the brand. There are branded nail polishes, a golf kit, a running bike and a dog collar with Swarovski crystals.

For women, Mercedes-Benz, together with well-known companies, has developed a collection of festive jewelry, perfumes and accessories. For example, in the catalog you can find nail polishes and a necklace with the logo of the brand. For men, the company offers cufflinks with a gearshift pattern, clothes and a belt with a buckle in the form of the grille of an Actros tractor.

Children’s gifts are toys, bicycles and Lego Speed ​​Champions kits. Fans are also offered large-scale copies of Mercedes-Benz cars, carbon charms, dog collars, leather accessories, calendars, posters and a set of magnets.

In 2017, Renault released the nail polish called Twingo. The lacquer is available in the same colors that are offered for the Renault Twingo body: black, yellow, red and blue. And they can cover up small scratches or chips on the body.

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