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Look at how the Ferrari 488 Pista accelerate to 100 km/h in 2.3 seconds

Supercar Ferrari 488 Pista was able to accelerate from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in just 2.26 seconds. The video with the acceleration of the test prototype of the car is published on YouTube channel ArabGT.

According to official specifications, to the first 100 km/h supercar accelerate in 2.85 seconds, and 200 kilometers per hour reaches 7.6 seconds. In the video to the second mark, the car accelerated in 6.94 seconds. The maximum speed of the coupe is 340 kilometers per hour.

Modification Pista is a hardcore version of the supercar 488 GTB. The car is equipped with a 720-hp eight-cylinder 3.9 engine with two turbines, which makes it the most powerful Ferrari with a V8 engine. In addition, the coupe has an active aerodynamics, and a carbon hood, bumpers, spoiler, dashboard and central tunnel.

The premiere of the supercar took place at the March Motor Show in Geneva.

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