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Lamborghini Huracan accelerate to 418 km/h for 800 meters

Supercar Lamborghini Huracan set a new world record in drag racing. At a distance of half a mile (804 meters), the car accelerated to 259.67 miles per hour (417.9 kilometers per hour). Video arrivals are published in the YouTube channel of Underground Racing

In the race participated a car, a pumped-over studio Underground Racing up to 3000 horsepower. The machine is equipped with a V10 engine with two turbines, a six-speed sequential gearbox and a four-wheel drive. During the flight, the pilot had a problem with switching from the first to the second gear, because of what the supercar could show a slightly better result.

Firm Underground Racing owns almost all records for half a mile. Last time Gallardo was able to accelerate to 413 kilometers per hour.

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