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Lamborghini for the first time in 26 years returned to the track car Formula 1 Minardi

Specialists of the center Lamborghini Polo Storico, engaged in the restoration of classic cars, have completed the restoration of the car of Formula-1 Minardi M191B. The car entered the race track for the first time since 1992, when he took part in the world championship for the last time.

Work on the car, equipped with a twelve-cylinder engine Lamborghini, was conducted for seven months. The machine was returned to a completely authentic form, having restored almost all the units and assemblies.

Specialists of the division Lamborghini Polo Storico together with the engineers of Formula 1, who worked at that time over the car, replaced tires, fuel tank, engine control unit, seat belts and fire extinguishing system. The remaining parts, including the 700-horsepower engine, were restored to their original state. In the company specify that the engine even retained all the original capacity.

After the restoration, the car traveled more than 20 laps on the race track. During this time, not a single breakdown was recorded.

The division Lamborghini Polo Storico is engaged in the restoration of machines removed from production at least 10 years ago – from 350 GT to Diablo. The department also participates in the certification of classic cars, the preservation of archives and documents, the production of spare parts for historical models.

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