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Indian startup Mankame will build an electric bike EP-1 with a power reserve of 500 kilometers

Indian startup Mankame intends to build an electric motorcycle that can drive more than 500 kilometers on one charge. Such a power reserve, according to the manufacturer’s representatives, is achieved through the use of batteries with a high density of energy storage.

Motorcycle Mankame EP-1 will be equipped with a 54-horsepower electric motor with belt drive (180 Nm torque), reinforced aramid fiber. Depending on the version of the EP-1, they will be equipped with a 12, 15 or 18.4 kilowatt-hour battery pack.

The initial modification of the electric bike can accelerate to 120 kilometers per hour, the average modification to 180, and the top one to 251 kilometers per hour. The price of EP-1 will be from 8500 to 13 000 dollars. To raise funds for the creation of a motorcycle, Mankame organizes a crowdaming campaign.

In January, the launch of the serial electric motorcycle was confirmed by Harley-Davidson. It will be based on the prototype of the Neutec LiveWire, which was introduced in 2014. The conceptual bike, equipped with a three-phase electric motor of 75 horsepower (71 Nm), could accelerate to 100 km/h in four seconds.

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