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In the UK BMW advertising bans for dangerous driving scenes

The British Bureau of Advertising Standards (ASA) saw an irresponsible propaganda rumor in the Bavarian brand video

The British Bureau of Advertising Standards (ASA) has forbidden to show a commercial video of the company BMW called Get Out There, seeing in it scenes with dangerous driving. This is reported by the Auto Express.

In a video about one minute long, it shows how the cars of the Bavarian mark, equipped with the xDrive full drive system, ride through wet grass, mud and snow. The ASA ruling states that “some of the off-road driving scenes have been taken in places that do not differ from those where the viewers can get on their cars.”

In addition, ASA noted that the video demonstrates the ability of the xDrive system to carry out a speedy, dangerous and irresponsible ride, which is presented as a way of pleasure.

In the BMW, in turn, they explained “insignificant loss of grip” with the desire to demonstrate the technical capabilities of the xDrive system. In addition, the company emphasized that the cars were managed in a safe and responsible manner.

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