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Improved Hummer H1 goes on sale

The American company Mil-Spec Automotive began selling exclusive tuning Hummers, built by hand. There are many improvements, and they are expensive.

Mil-Spec Automotive is a small private company headquartered in Birmingham (USA, Michigan) and a workshop in Wichita, Kansas. She plans to build only 12 exclusive Hummers, and two of them have already been sold. Unique off-road vehicles are created on the basis of donor machines, which are sorted out to a cog and are subject to thorough revision and refinement. All the details are in our gallery.

GM’s Hummer brand ceased production in 2010, but the AM General continues to make Hummer H1 SUVs for the army, and also offers car kits without power packs and ammunition for everyone. On the basis of these sets, Humvee Export has recently started the production of civilian Hummers.

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