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Haima is preparing a successor for the minivan built on the Mazda3 chassis

The prototype is a harbinger of the second-generation Haima Family F7 minivan, local media reported. The external appearance of the concept is made in a completely new style, not typical for the current models of the brand. In addition, the car received rear doors opening up against the travel. However, the last solution for the serial version, which will appear in 2019, certainly will not be applied. Information about the “filling” concept yet.

The current single-bed Haima Family F7 entered the Chinese market in the fall of 2017, this model is a modernized version of the Van Haima V70, which is sold in the Celestial Empire in 2016. Both cars are built on the modified Mazda3 platform of the first generation, both MPV – multi-link rear suspension. The same “cart” is the basis of other models of Haima. Whether the Family F7 will keep the second generation of the Mazda platform is still unknown. Also there is no data on whether the V70 will leave the market after the start of sales of the “family” version of the new generation model.

Current minivans Family F7 and V70 are equipped with a petrol 4-cylinder turbo engine with capacity of 1.5 liter and power 156 hp (220 Nm). The engine is paired with a manual or automatic transmission. Both cars are seven-seater, the seats are arranged according to the scheme 2 + 3 + 2. By the way, as noted by the “Celestial” media, the second Family F7 seats will be arranged according to the scheme 2 + 2 + 3.

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