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Ford thought of how not to knock down motorcyclists between the ranks

Ford has patented an electronic system to avoid collision with a motorcycle moving between rows. The corresponding document appeared in the database of the US Patent Office.

The movement of motorcyclists between the ranks is a common practice throughout the world, regardless of its validity in any territory. But this is quite dangerous: motorists do not expect to find a motorcycle there, and often during rebuilding they knock down a rider.

Ford’s patent offers a system of machine vision with cameras “looking” back. They can be combined with radars or lidars. Special software should allocate in the field of view of the camera aisle, and look for moving objects in this area.

According to the principle of operation, the proposed mechanism resembles an auto-inhibition system, so the introduction of such a system does not look too complicated. Especially useful, it will be with the widespread distribution of autopilots.

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