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Exoskeletons have become part of the equipment of Ford plant employees

ford exosceleton

Ford made exoskelette suits a part of equipping the assembly line workers at a factory in Valencia, Spain. The company assembles Galaxy, Kuga, Mondeo, S-MAX and Transit Connect cars. According to the press service of the American brand, high-tech devices make it easy to lift heavy objects and manipulate them.

At the moment, the plant uses nine exoskeletons. The devices are made of lightweight titanium and carbon fiber. They help conveyor workers lift, move or carry anything weighing more than three kilograms when the job requires performing these operations in an uncomfortable position.

“Costumes provide protection and support, reducing fatigue and the possibility of injuries due to less stress and stress from repetitive movements, which over time can harm the body,” the company explained.

Last spring, it became known that Ford started using virtual reality technology to design its cars. According to the press service of the American brand, in the design center located in Cologne, there is a specially equipped studio in which design engineers can fully appreciate the car without having a physical prototype.

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