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Electric crossover Ford will be built on the platform of the new Focus

The electric crossover Ford Mach 1 debuts next year. The model will be based on the front-drive platform C2, previously used in the construction of the Focus of the new generation. This is reported by the publication Autocar.

According to preliminary information, the crossover, codenamed CX430, will be made in the style of the traditional hatchback. A noticeable difference in the model is likely to be a higher driver’s seat.

Vsedorozhnik is expected to become one of the first new models of the brand, which in the Ford line will replace the usual hatchbacks. They will have high ground clearance, spacious interior and versatility.

Earlier, the American manufacturer said that by 2020, the US line of the brand for 90 percent will consist of SUVs and pickup trucks. The only cars in the model lineup will be a Mustang coupe and a cross version of the Focus hatchback called Active.

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