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Donkervoort built for its 40th anniversary the fastest and most extreme sports car

The Dutch manufacturer of sports cars Donkervoort built the fastest and most extreme model, named D8 GTO-40, in honor of celebrating its 40th anniversary. The car not only became more powerful – it seriously modernized the bodywork.

Compared with its predecessor, the “jubilee” sports car has changed the body’s spatial frame, which is now made of lighter and more stable steel. In addition, Donkervoort expanded the use of CFRP in the design, added a titanium output and carbon-fiber wheels. Sportcar as a result began to weigh 22 kilograms less than the base D8 GTO – 678 kilograms.

The roadster is still equipped with a turbocharged five-cylinder engine Audi with capacity of 2.5 liters, but for the special version its power was increased from 380 to 415 horsepower. The engine is paired with a six-speed manual transmission. From zero to 200 kilometers per hour, this car accelerates in 7.7 seconds.

In addition, for the jubilee sport car, aerodynamics was improved, and the cooling of the power plant was improved.

The company Donkervoort intends to release only 40 copies of the novelty. Half of the total circulation has already been sold out on preliminary requests. The cost of the car is about 159.6 thousand euros.

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