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Daimler accelerates the development of electric vehicles

German automobile concern Daimler AG, which includes Mercedes-Benz, was clearly conservative as last fall, spoke about the intention to release at least six models of electric vehicles. This week, the automaker announced the acceleration of the development program of electric vehicles. Now we are talking about 10 new electric vehicles to be produced by 2022. Originally planned to release the same 10 electric vehicles, but until 2025. To implement these plans into reality the company will allocate investments worth € 10 billion.

According to the chairman of the supervisory board Manfred Byshofa company wants to turn the car market, which implies the need for a more aggressive strategy.

What is the real reason that forced the automobile giant to accelerate. Officially it does not say, but there are some obvious incentives. First is competition. Mercedes-Benz is experiencing serious pressure, not only from the US Tesla, but also by their German colleagues. So, be careful in this case is not an option at all, because you can be where Kodak, Nokia and other companies that overheated in the glory. If you reject market factors, there is another issue that bothers manufacturer – increasing scale scandals related emissions of CO2, and the growing pressure from the governments of various countries aimed at reducing emissions. By the way, last year Mercedes-Benz for the first time in nine years was unable to reduce the emissions of its cars – the average level of carbon dioxide emissions per kilometer basis for 2016 amounted to 123 g, as in 2015.

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