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Citroen came up with glasses for motion sickness. Technology borrowed from seafarers

Citroen introduced SEETROËN goggles to help combat motion sickness while traveling by car. For the basis of the invention, the French took the technology, originally developed for sailors and improved by the start-up Boarding Ring. The price of points in retail sales is 99 pounds sterling.

Inside the rim of glasses, made of soft to touch plastic, is a liquid that can move along the front (left-right) and sagittal axis (back and forth). Thanks to her glasses recreate the horizon, eliminating the conflict between the various senses.

The technology is patented and passed the necessary tests. The indicator of its effectiveness is 95 percent. It is recommended to wear glasses at the first signs of motion sickness. After 10-15 minutes, when the brain is re-synchronized with the movement perceived by the inner ear (it is responsible for the balance), the glasses can be removed.

Last year it was reported that Porsche decided to compensate its customers for the cost of buying sunglasses. Car owners complained about glaring elements in the cabin, especially for cars with a light interior finish.

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