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Chinese manufacturer of government limousines introduced coupe in the style of Maybach


The Chinese company Hongqi (Red flag), which produces premium cars for the country’s leadership, presented a conceptual retrocup. It demonstrates the vector of the brand design and its new logo. The car, more precisely its full-size model, is made in the style of the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6.

Features of the concept car – a long hood, the cab shifted to the rear of the body and closed arches with LED strips. The luminous crest on the hood – a traditional element of the Hongqi cars – symbolizes the red flag.

The prototype is not a harbinger of the production model, but the company notes that some elements of the exterior will be embodied in future machines. We are talking about LED lights, the grille and side car body stamping.

In addition to the concept car, at a special event, the brand showed an updated logo, and also talked about a new strategy for the development of the brand. Until 2025 in the line of Hongqi will appear 15 electrified machines and two with ICE. The models will be built on a completely new platform and equipped with modern units.

The first mass model of the brand was the H7 sedan. The machine length of more than five meters is equipped with turbo engines in volume of 1.8 and 2.0 liters, as well as an atmospheric three-liter six-cylinder engine. The delivery of aggregates is 188, 204 and 231 respectively. All engines are paired with a six-band automatic transmission.

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