Tuesday, September 25Wellcome!

Biker helped the pedestrian “catch” the bus

It is difficult to say whether the pedestrian was satisfied with the gallant offer after what he had to endure.

As the author of the video says, he usually does not bring anyone up, but in this case he decided to give up his principle, because in Arizona on this day there were 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43 degrees Celsius), and he, when he was driving, overtook the bus, which was already near the bus stop. Not far off-by the standards of a motorcyclist, but a pedestrian who in the heat ran skipping to a stop, he would hardly have been able to do it. Then the biker invited the man to drive him to the stop, and he gladly agreed. The biker added gas, and we see how the motorcycle rushes so that a baseball cap flies from the person. On the bus man, of course, had time, he by that time did not even come to a stop. Only here the look of the “passenger” was very pale with unaccustomed. And maybe he needed to “change his underwear,” as one of the Youtube users joked. But the rider was very pleased with himself, and that before the baseball cap, well, it’s happened by chance and he is ready to pay this tiny damage!

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