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Bieber has a new Lamborghini. The police are not welcome!

Canadian pop star Justin Bieber is known as a passionate motorist and dashing driver. The other day he was delivered a brand-new 740-hp Lamborghini Aventador S.

The delivery of an expensive purchase was made by an eyewitness and posted a record on the Internet. Italian sports car Biber was brought to the evacuator on June 29 to one of the luxury hotels in the American resort town of Laguna Beach, California. The video shows that when unloading the Lamborghini Aventador S, the overcoming obstacle mode was activated, that is, the front end is slightly raised. Bieber immediately took a picture of the purchase on the smartphone, and passersby filmed it.

It would seem that this is an ordinary event from the life of the stars, that’s just the driver Bieber is uncommon… As early as 17 he broke his Ferrari, and in 2014 he and his then girlfriend arranged races for Lamborghini in a state of drug intoxication. Also in 2014, Bieber beat the limousine driver. Last year, a popular Canadian singer on a huge tuned pickup Ram knocked down the paparazzi and almost arranged a brawl in place of an accident. And this is not a complete list of car adventures by Justin Bieber. In general, we will not be surprised if in the near future the policemen will have to travel to the scene of the accident involving the red Lamborghini Aventador S.

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