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Audi came up with an unusual roof for a large crossover-cabriolet

The Audi company patented the mechanism of the convertible roof, which will make a convertible with a central and aft pillars. As reported by Fourtitude, this design will be used to develop a large crossover-cabriolet.

The patent provides for the creation of a three-section roof, the middle and back of which will be foldable. In this case, the average will be able to retract into the trunk, while the rear will act as a lid, which will reduce the weight of the structure.

To increase the rigidity of the structure and additional protection of passengers, it is planned to increase the length of the front pillars, and for the convenience of cargo transportation – the rear tailgate, which, if necessary, will be retracted into the body.

In 2007, the company brought Audi to the motor show in Los Angeles, the brand introduced a prototype of the crossover-cabriolet – Cross Cabriolet quattro. The car was equipped with a rag roof from the open A4, which was retracted into the compartment behind the rear seats in 17 seconds. As a power plant used a three-liter turbodiesel with a capacity of 240 horsepower.

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