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Apple 9 times expanded the program of tests of machines-drones

Apple has nine times expanded the fleet of cars that are used in California for testing systems for autonomous control of cars. This is reported by the information agency Bloomberg.

The license for tests of unmanned vehicles in California, Apple received in April 2017. Then company registered three machines for these purposes. Now the company has included in the program 24 more crossover Lexus RX 450h.

In Bloomberg noted that the cars for tests were taken by the company in leasing from the rental company Hertz.

The first photos from tests of unmanned vehicles Apple appeared in April 2017. Already in October, the Network received pictures showing new prototypes. On the roofs of these machines stood large blocks, which consisted of twelve optical range finders and computing devices.

Initially, Apple planned to develop its own car. Inside the firm, this project was called Titan. But in the autumn of 2016 it became known that Apple decided to abandon the creation of its own model, although work on autonomous management systems was continued.

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