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Alfa Romeo will revive sports cars GTV and 8C: the first images and details

Alfa Romeo will launch seven new models to the market by the end of 2022, of which two are sports cars. One of these cars will be a 600-strong supercar, which will receive the legendary name GTV. This was announced on Friday, June 1, at a press conference of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA).

Alfa Romeo GTV will be a four-seat all-wheel drive sports car with an electric motor, which can help the car with acceleration. Information on the novelty is still small, but the company specified that the mass distribution along the axes will be ideal – 50:50.

The second sports car Alpha Romeo will be a supercar 8C. It will be a 700-horsepower hybrid supercar with a carbon-fiber chassis installed in the middle of a twin-turbo engine and an electric motor on the front axle. From zero to hundred kilometers per hour, such a car can accelerate in less than three seconds.

In addition, the Italian manufacturer intends to replace all diesel engines with hybrid power units, including units with the possibility of recharging from household electricity. At the same time, each Alfa model will receive an electrified modification.

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