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A half-naked American hijacked a tractor, went for clothes and almost demolished the house

The incident occurred on July 1 in the US city of Great Falls, Montana. 34-year-old Heather Houston with naked breasts kidnapped a heavy loader brand John Deere and went to his home.

The Sunday morning sleep of residents of the Fox Hollow Apartment complex in Great Falls was interrupted by the rumbling of heavy construction equipment – their neighbor Heather Houston returned home. The night at her, probably, was stormy. She somewhere left her outer clothing and bra and just like that, topless, hijacked the loader John Deere, came home on it, demolished the fence, damaged the parked car and bored the wall of her house. The neighbors saw her half-nakedly scrambling from the tractor’s scoop to her apartment on the second floor.

The police, as usual, reacted promptly, came to the scene and detained a rowdy. She now has to respond immediately to several criminal articles, and there is no need to expect indulgence from the court, since Heather was repeatedly arrested for drug possession, burglary and assault on police officers. Probably, this time she was high too …

“Children, do not use drugs!” – Molly Broxholm, neighbor Heather Houston, living on the first floor of the house where the tractor crashed, appealed from her page in Facebook. She laid out the pictures of the consequences of the rout for public inspection.

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