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New Chinese battery for electric cars: mileage 880 km and a resource of 15 years

Recently, some automakers and third-party companies are constantly presenting or at least announcing revolutionary batteries for electric vehicles. Among these was the Chinese company Honeycomb Energy.

This company is not particularly well known in automotive circles, but it has extensive experience in battery development behind it. It has been working in this direction since 2012, and in 2018 even managed to become an independent battery supplier. And now Honeycomb Energy is proud to present its new brainchild – a battery that is able to provide electric vehicles with a large power reserve and has good durability, as well as an increased level of safety.

Honeycomb Energy has developed two versions of the battery – 115 Ah (energy density – 245 W / kg) and 226 Ah (40 W / kg). The latest model is designed for a range of 880 km, which is quite an impressive indicator. However, the resource is no less impressive – both modules are designed for 15 years of operation or 1.2 million kilometers (for understanding, modern batteries have an average life of 400-500 thousand km).

Also, the new battery has about 2.5 times more charge / discharge cycles than its current counterparts – 2500. Another plus is its resistance to overheating – during tests, the module repeatedly withstood a heating temperature of 150 ° C.

Finally, the Honeycomb Energy battery will be even cheaper: it does not contain cobalt – the material that is now the most expensive metal in electric vehicles.

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