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Exclusive Ford stainless steel auctioned

In September this year in America, Worldwide Auctioneers is going to sell a collection of Ford cars with stainless steel bodies. This became known on Thursday, May 21.

This collection consists of the 1935 Ford Deluxe, the 1960 Thunderbird and the 1967 Lincoln Continental Convertible.

  Ford and the metallurgical firm Allegheny Ludlum were involved in the development of the machines. In 1935, 6 Ford Deluxe sedans were made from it to advertise a new type of steel. The stainless steel was presented as a durable metal, which is not necessary to paint. But due to the high cost of the material, they did not begin to use it in serial production.

 All sedans were handed over to the heads of Allegheny Ludlum and by 1946 each car had traveled over 200 thousand miles (321,869 km). Until the current period, there were only 4 Ford Deluxe.

 The companies collaborated 2 more times, developing two Ford Thunderbird coupes from stainless steel, which traveled over 100 thousand miles (160,934 km), and three more Lincoln Continental convertibles, used as demonstration models. At the moment, some cars are stored in various museums, and copies that appear on sale belong to the company Allegheny Ludlum.

Sale of three cars is carried out only as a set. Moreover, the cost of this collection is currently unknown.

In addition, it was previously noted that Ford has begun production of the revived Sport Bronco SUV. At the same time, the debut date of the new items has not yet been announced.

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