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The first tests Volvo V60: noisy motor and slow automatic gearbox

2019 Volvo V60 estate

In February this year, Volvo introduced the new generation V60 wagon. We got the opportunity to test the novelty, and created a small digest, in which they outlined the main thoughts and impressions of the test drives.

The first thing I want to note is how light and cozy it is in this car: high windows and panoramic roof make their business.

In the back row there is a lot of free space, both at the feet and above the head, while the trunk has a volume of 529 liters (1,441 liters with folded rear seats) – and it is the largest in the class.

The D4 turbo diesel engine with a capacity of two liters and a payback of 187 horsepower is audible at idle and under load, but not in cruising mode. Eight-speed automatic transmission for the benefit of economy reluctantly resets the gears in the moments when you need to quickly accelerate, and there is no steering wheel petals on the V60. If you switch the gearbox to the sport mode, then starts to bother working at high speed engine.

Steering at the station wagon is quite sharp – less than two and a half revolutions of the rudder from the stop to the stop. On wheels 235/40 R19 Volvo V60 provides a good ride, but we would like to try this car on R18 wheels with a higher tire profile.

By the excitement to compare this car with the BMW 3-Series or Jaguar XE is not worth it, but the V60 is not a boring machine that has excellent handling and comfort, the colleagues write. Also, the station wagon lacks the drawbacks of Volvo XC90 – empty steering, rigid suspension and a rumble that produces a badly insulated diesel engine from the passenger compartment.

2019 Volvo V60 estate

The company’s security systems, in particular City Safed, falsely worked on one of the Spanish streets, which was slightly wet by rain – the electronics perceived the wet road as a stiff obstacle, and the car stopped in a panic. Also, the sensors confused the journalists as they passed the parking lot: the station wagon issued a warning signal about a possible collision, but in general, in their opinion, these systems help in the city flow, and the algorithms for their work could be even more aggressive.

To the salon of claims is not present: in this aspect Volvo V60 is one of leaders. Landing is low, the seats are very comfortable, ergonomics at a height. Traveling on this car is a pleasure.

In general, Volvo has turned out an excellent station wagon, which, at first glance, is devoid of any serious shortcomings.

2019 Volvo V60 estate

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