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Jaguar came up with a name for the new sports car

The company Jaguar has registered in the European patent office a trade mark J-Type. According to the edition of AutoGuide, the new model can become a potential successor of the sports car F-Type.

Jaguar set a speed record on the water

The company Jaguar set a record speed on the water among boats equipped with an electric power plant. The video of the race is published on the official YouTube channel of the British manufacturer.

Honda, Jaguar and Volvo received design awards

The Car Design Award 2018 was presented in Turin. The jury of twelve journalists selected winners in three categories: “concept car”, “serial car” and “designer language of the brand”. Awards were given to firms Honda, Jaguar and Volvo.

Jaguar thought about the electric hypercar

The company Jaguar is considering the possibility of producing an electric hypercar. According to the technical director of the brand Dave Shaw, electric vehicles have more positive than negative sides, and all of them can be used not only in the mass segment. This is reported by the publication Motoring.