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How powerful was the “charged” Jaguar XE Project 8?

Everyone around you knows that Jaguar cars are sophisticated, luxurious, sporty vehicles. However, one can hardly hear from someone that the British cars of this brand are akin to supercars. And rightly so, but … no longer!

Chief designer Jaguar told about the updated sedan XJ

Changes in the design of the British executive class sedan Jaguar XJ – this is what many fans are waiting for the brand Jaguar. As part of the Paris Motor Show 2018, foreign journalists were able to interview the chief designer of the company, John Callum.

Jaguar Land Rover made a modern “multimedia” for retro models

Jaguar Land Rover introduced a multimedia complex, designed for installation in classic models. The Classic Infotainment System is compatible with negative grounding and is offered in five design options, including two branded for Jaguar and two for Land Rover.

Jaguar builds a mid-engined supercar

Most of the leading automakers have supercars in the product line, although Jaguar is not among them, but is already working on correcting the situation.

Updated Jaguar XE first seen on tests

The premiere of the updated Jaguar XE will be held at the Geneva Motor Show in March next year. The main competitors of the car will be Audi A4, Alfa Romeo Giulia and the new BMW 3 Series